Chris Eminizer and Woodshed Music
Woodshed Music.

Woodshed Music is run by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and songwriter Chris Eminizer. In addition to writing music for television, commercials, and film, the studio also serves the musical artist by providing sax, brass, and woodwind parts and arrangements. All the music on this site was recorded either in part or entirely at
Woodshed Music. You can view a partial list of our credits on the Bio page.

Woodshed Music is located in Patterson, New York in the basement of an 1827 former parish house at the base of the Cranberry Mountain Preserve. The house borders hundreds of acres of beautiful protected woodlands and sits just across the way from Haviland Brook, part of the Great Swamp Wetlands.

Remote Sessions - If you are an artist, songwriter, composer, or producer and you’re looking to add some sax, brass, or woodwind elements to your project, whatever it might be, Woodshed can record it here and send it to you there in your preferred format.  Whether it’s some trippy flute fills or a full-blown horn section we gotcha covered. We can write and arrange things for you or you can send us your own ideas or charts.  We’ve even created fully realized parts just by listening to people sing their ideas over the phone. Full horn section brass using some of the best players in New York is always available.